Sensual Asian 4-Hands Massage In London

Everything You Need To Know About An Erotic Four Hands Massage

You've probably heard of the erotic four hands massage. You probably know that it’s an incredible sensual experience. And also that it’s twice the price of a regular erotic massage.

So, what is an erotic four hands massage and is it worth the extra cost?


What is an Erotic Four Hands Massage In London?

It’s in the name, isn’t it? Four hands means two masseuses.

What man has not fantasised about two beautiful women using their hands to pleasure him while he lies there simply taking it in?

The four hands massage gives you the chance to live that fantasy. Of course, they're performed by experts in hitting all the right pleasure points, making it the ultimate erotic experience.

What happens during the massage?

The masseuses start gently touching your body, rubbing it in a relaxing way.

They massage the muscles and ease any pain from your body.

As the massage continues, they get increasingly erotic, focusing on pleasure and not just pain relief.

The masseuses know the locations of all your erogenous zones, and they know how to get the most from them.

They also synchronise and orchestrate their movements with each other, to ensure you're receiving more than the sum of their parts.


Is it the ultimate pampering?

Four hands massages do not just pamper you. They do not just provide an incredible erotic experience. No, they bring you pleasure that you did not imagine was possible.

Your whole body is being stimulated, all at once, to the point that any more pleasure would be pain. But the masseuses are experts, and know exactly how far to go.

They can bring you to that turning point and keep you there throughout the massage.

Ultimately, you will get the happy ending you need – and it will be a better ending than any you've had before, as the result of a buildup of extreme pleasure.


Should you go for it?


Every man will be amazed at the pleasure in an erotic four hands massage.

It is not simply sexual pleasure.

It is not like penetrative sex at all, in that it is not about mutual pleasure.

Instead, you've got two women working on pleasuring you.

There is no pressure on you to perform, or need for reciprocation.

You can simply focus on an experience that nothing else compares to.

Is it cheating?

If you search online for information on a four hands massage, you will find a lot of porn in which the massage leads directly to a threesome.

Of course, this is not the experience you'll have with a professional.

As I mentioned before, there is no reciprocation or anything resembling penetrative sex.

Therefore, there is none of the emotional intimacy associated with sex. That is not to say your partner will be fine with it.

However, if she understands that this experience is not connected to the intimacy she shares with you, she might agree to let you try it.

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