For those of you who are making a booking with us for the first time, let us walk you through the whole process.

Step 1:

Choose your masseuse


Step 2:

Choose your massage session


Step 3:

Phone to book your appointment -

(If you are booking an outcall please make sure to provide your name, room number and hotel address).

We will text you the incall address.


Step 4: 

Arrive at your masseuses place, if you are running late please call us to let us know. 


Step 5:

Once inside the masseuses place please make sure to hand her the correct payment.

The masseuse will not give change so please make you have the correct amount.


Step 6:

You will be invited to take a shower. And then the massage fun will begin.


Step 7:

Once the massage is over you will be invited to take a shower.


Step 8:

Go home, or to the local bar, and leave a review of your fabulous experience on the masseuses profile.


Step 9:

Repeat the process next week.