Oral Sensations

Erotic massage is about more than relaxation. It’s also about more than sexual pleasure.

Rather, it uses relaxation and sexual techniques to uplift you from the grind of everyday life.

Getting an oral massage in London is the perfect way to uplift your day, week, and month.

It will take you out of your comfort zone, into an exhilarating but risk-free space.

You will leave the session feeling fulfilled, all of your stresses looking miniscule in comparison to your experience.

What exactly does an oral massage in London involve?

Oral Massage: The Process

As with all erotic massages, you start by taking a hot shower. Not only does this get you clean and in the mood for sensual bliss, but it primes your body for increased sensitivity.

Touch will feel so much more intimate. You will be far more aware of the subtleties, as well as the differences between pressure from the masseuse’s fingers and lips.

Once you’ve showered, your Asian masseuse in London will lead you to the massage table, where you will lie flat on your stomach.

She will undress.

Once she is naked, she will begin the massage.

The oral massage combines a variety of techniques, the masseuse using her mouth to increase stimulation.

She will press against your back, bringing butterfly kisses up and down the spine, and will kiss and nibble at the backs of your legs.

When she is satisfied that you are relaxed, she will ask you to turn over and get to work massaging the front of your body with her mouth.

She will take your penis in her mouth and use expert techniques to give you the ultimate sensual pleasure.

The massage builds up to fellatio, but it not solely about that. By the time she gets to your penis, you will be ready for an extreme erotic experience.

Why Add Oral To A Massage?

Oral is the perfect complement to any good massage in London.

The masseuse’s lips will increase your sensitivity, making you feel her touch that much more intensely. It is the best stimulation she has to offer.

When massaging a partner, consider adding oral to the process.

Your partner will appreciate the added intensity and pleasure, and the fact that you're going the extra mile.

Oral massage techniques for you to try...

If you do decide to use oral when massaging your partner, try some of the following techniques.

  • Use your lips to kiss every part of her body, from the soles of her feet to her neck, chin, and face. Focusing on every inch of her will show her how sexy you find her. She might feel self-conscious at first, but as you go, she’ll feel more and more present in her body.

  • Don’t be scared to apply pressure. Use your lips to apply pressure to sensual points on her body, occasionally using your teeth to give her gentle bites.

Don’t rush to the prize. Remember that this is a massage, and you want her to know you find all of her sexy.

If you rush straight for her breasts or genitals, you'll send a message that all you want is sex.