Naughty Japanese Nuru Massage In London

Everything You Need to Know About Original Asian Nuru Massage.

Any massage can be erotic, but none is as primed for sensual pleasure as a nuru massage.

For some, it is close to the ultimate sexual fantasy. A beautiful woman using her whole body to pleasure you, eventually bringing you to the happy ending you always dreamed of.

It is dream material, and up there among the things to do before you die.

So, what exactly is a nuru massage and why do so many men put it on their bucket lists?


What is a Nuru Massage?

“Nuru” is a Japanese word that means slippery or smooth, and it refers to an erotic massage technique that originated in Kawasaki City.

You start off by taking a shower. Without drying off afterwards, you lie on a massage bed.

This is where it gets interesting...

A nude (or almost nude) masseuse then covers your nude body and hers in a slippery gel. She then rubs her body against you in a way that stimulates you and relaxes you at the same time.

If the thought of a beautiful naked woman rubbing her lubricated body against yours is enough to get you off, the experience itself more than lives up to the expectation.

What is Nuru Gel?

Nuru gel is an odourless, tasteless gel made out of seaweed. It is particularly slippery and, although it could be replaced with coconut oil if you’re trying this at home, the real thing provides the ultimate experience.
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Is it really a massage?

A nuru massage is definitely a sensual experience you'll never forget, but can you really call it a massage?

Well, it depends who is doing it. Some practitioners are simply selling the eroticism of it. They'll focus on the sexual pleasure.

And, let’s be honest, that’s good enough for most men. After all, if you need to treat muscle or joint pain this is probably not going to be on your list.

However, there are nuru experts who actually massage you in a way that is truly relaxing and healing.

You're probably not going to miss it if it’s not there, but the healing aspect is obviously appealing.


Why should it be on your bucket list?

There is a particular sensuality to such intimate skin-on-skin contact without penetrative sex. It will bring you to the edge and keep you there for a long time before it takes you over.

A nude woman’s body is sexy on its own. With the nuru gel, that slippery sexiness goes to another level.

While you can have your partner give you a nuru massage, that will inevitably lead to sex.

The best professionals know how to give you maximum pleasure before the happy ending.

And the longer the massage, the better the happy ending will be.

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