Lingam Massage In London : Stroking The Magic Wand

Many erotic massages focus mainly on parts of the body not directly associated with sex.

The lingam massage is not one of these. The word lingam, in this context, refers to the penis.

Getting a lingam massage in London therefore involves stroking the “magic wand.”

But, don’t be fooled into thinking this is nothing but a handjob. It is a full erotic massage experience that has health benefits, both physical and mental.

What is the lingam?

The Shiva linga is the Tantric symbol of ascending forces, represented by upright conical stones. It is often represented as resting in the Shakti yoni.

These are symbolic of the penis and the vagina respectively.

However, they are representative of not only the physical aspects, but of the masculine and feminine energies as well.

Within Tantric practices, they play an important part, but are not the be-all and end-all of Tantra.

Where does the therapy originate?

Lingam massage is one of many therapies that are part of Tantra. Tantric massages focus on using sexuality as a path to enlightenment.



Lingam massage in particular is used as a medium for awakening one’s kundalini.

The kundalini is a primal energy, that is related to enlightenment and one of the forces that brings one closer to it.

Tantra itself originated in the East, but uses Western principles as well to get the best of both worlds.

Within tantra, sexual pleasure is not the end goal, but a route to physical and spiritual enlightenment.

What happens in a London lingam massage?

A lingam massage focuses almost solely on the penis, but it is not a race to orgasm.

Instead, the masseuse uses advanced techniques to create sensations that you are not used to feeling in the penis.

These sensations spread throughout your body, creating a full-body orgasm, rather than just an ejaculation.

Why every man should have his lingam massaged monthly

A monthly lingam massage is certainly recommended, as it will balance your physical, sexual, and spiritual energies.

Orgasms are healthy for the body – experts recommend daily orgasms. A lingam massage takes the male orgasmic experience to another level.

For one thing, you will experience incredible pleasure when you have a lingam massage in London, and you'll get some ideas as how to bring yourself a level of that pleasure.

But, it’s about so much more than pleasure.

Sexuality is one of the central drivers of human activity. It’s not just a motivating factor, but the unconscious source of so many of our decisions.

Being balanced sexually therefore has a crucial impact on how you choose to live your life, especially for people who hectic London lifestyles.

It will also change the way you relate to women, fully aware of what you want from them and not simply driven by your most basic desires.