Sexy Japanese Escort in London

Your personal Japanese Geisha

No matter how much or how little you know about Japan, you’ve heard of the Japanese Geisha.

What you probably don't know is that you can find a personal geisha in London. Japanese escorts in London are one of the country’s greatest exports.

But a geisha is more than just an escort.

The concept goes back as far as the 600s AD. Of course, the geisha’s role has changed a lot over the years. Nonetheless, they have remained an important part of Japanese society.

If you're thinking of taking advantage of the amazing experience Japanese geisha's have to offer, here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Japanese Geisha?

During the Allied occupation of Japan, many prostitutes called themselves “geisha girls,” leading to the misconception that that’s all that geisha's are.

That’s not, however, how the profession got started.

Technically, the term geisha translates roughly to “performance artist.”

Geisha's have always been female entertainers. They would sing, dance, and perform. But what classifies as entertainment has evolved.

What began with performance art became connected with the sensual.

A geisha today carries an air of mystery around her.

Part of the excitement is not knowing what she’s thinking, but being aware that she has a well of experience belied by her humble bearing.

sexy Japanese masseuse.jpg

The white makeup, elaborate kimono, and what we see as the traditional geisha hairstyle, are actually indicative of an apprentice geisha – the maiko.

These characteristics now inform most Westerners’ understanding of what a geisha is.

In London, your typical Japanese geisha will be an escort, who has your deepest needs in mind.

She will do everything a normal Asian escort in London does and more. She will offer exotic pleasures that could originate nowhere other than Asia.

The role of the geisha in Japanese society

The geisha has a very important role in Japanese society.

She embodies the sphere of art, while bringing it ever forward. She plays the perfect companion, while hiding unexpected talents up her sleeve.

It is not a profession one simply enters. Most Japanese geisha's start training around the age of sixteen.

They need to master many skills before they're ready to start working. There is no fast route to becoming a geisha.

Every man should take the opportunity to spend some time with a geisha. It’s one of those experiences that are on bucket lists worldwide.

In London, the experience is perfectly tailored to suit you, as a Westerner who may not know exactly what to expect. 

She will guide you throughout, not expecting you to know everything beforehand. She will take your expectations and blow them away.

We personally think the best escorts in London are the Japanese girls.

Here are three reasons you should visit one...

  • Sensitive and caring
  • Very cute
  • Intelligent

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