Happy Ending Massage London Style

They call it the happiest massage in the world.

Many of us have a particular perception of a “happy ending” massage.

We imagine it involves going to a dodgy side of town, lying down on a table, and hoping the masseuse knows exactly what we wants. That’s basically how it happens in the movies.

In other words, we see it as a paid-for sexual experience that happens under the cover of darkness.

But a happy ending massage does not need to be secretive. It does not have to be only implied. It does not even have to be paid for.

Yes, a happy ending massage is more than just a costly handjob with a massage to disguise it.

Rather, it’s a sensual massage that leads to, but is not about, the happy ending.


What is a London happy ending massage?

A happy ending massage can be seen as a sensual massage.

If your partner asks for a happy ending massage, you don’t need to be an expert to comply.

In fact, the best happy ending massages come from passion and care, rather than any experience giving massages.

You can use those simple massage techniques that everyone knows to help your partner relax, while letting your hands linger just a little longer than necessary.

The occasional tickling is a nice touch.

Oil him up, using massage oil. Make sure to use enough to cover his whole body, but not too much that he gets too slippery to apply any real pressure.

Alternatively, using a massage bar from Lush or a similar outlet can increase the sensuality. They melt at skin temperature and feel amazing on the body. They also smell great.

The whole massage should be more than just utilitarian. You may enjoy pleasuring your partner and find it particularly sexy.

Over the course of the massage, you both can get increasingly worked up.

The happy ending is just that – the ending or climax of everything that has led up to it. The better the sensual massage, the better the happy ending.

Tips: What men enjoy

Try the following:

  • fingertips: use your fingers to press and rub his muscles

  • lobster claw: squeeze his muscles with your thumb and forefinger. Make sure his skin is nice and oily before trying this

  • knuckles: finally, use your knuckles to apply extra pressure to his muscles and knots

The happy ending part should not require too much explanation. Remember to take it slow. Start by massaging his groin area, before getting to the penis.

You probably know what works best for him, but use his reactions as feedback. If he shows particular pleasure at something, do more of it!

The key to a great happy ending massage is really just to take it slow and focus.

Do not rush towards the happy ending – this is about more than just an orgasm! It is essentially a shared activity, that should be pleasurable to give as well as receive.