Chinese Massage In London

Everything You Need to Know About It...

Among the many popular types of massage, Chinese massage has a particular draw.

Many people use Chinese massage for more than just muscle relaxation. Rather, it helps balance you, maintaining your good health, improving your mental state, and keeping you from illness.


What is Chinese massage?

Chinese massage is actually the name for a range of massages used in Chinese traditional medicine.

They are based on the Chinese belief that energy in the body – known as “qi” – must be constantly flowing in order to relieve stress and prevent illness.

When the channels are impeded or blocked, an individual experiences pain or becomes ill.

Therefore, the various massage techniques focus on channels or energy points, rather than tender spots. In this way, Chinese massage is closely related to acupuncture.

Experts can identify which channels are blocked and apply the necessary pressure.

It’s origins

Obviously, Chinese massage comes from China. However, you have to go back 4000 years to find the origin.

It was already considered then one of the fundamental treatment modalities, along with diet, herbs, and acupuncture.

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Chinese massage techniques

There are two kinds of traditional Chinese massage that are particularly popular:

  1. Tui Na. The literal meaning of tui na is “lift and press”. It involves deep pressure around the area being treated.

  2. The practitioner pushes hard with the ball of the thumb, then moves it around lightly, hundreds of times. It is therefore a lengthy process, even if she focuses on just one limb or joint.

  3. Zhi Ya. On the other hand, zhi ya focuses on pinching and pressing at acupressure points. Its techniques are somewhat similar to reflexology.

Both tui na and zhi ya use what are called shou fa.

These are hand techniiques that focus on yang or yin – stimulation or sedation.


Health benefits of Chinese massage

You don’t need to be ill or in pain in order to benefit from a Chinese massage.

No matter what your physical or mental state, you will leave with renewed energy, vigour, and strength. You will also find yourself sleeping better.

If you are in pain or suffering from stress, Chinese massage is especially beneficial.

It will relieve stress, improving your mood, and reducing pain. It even breaks down scar tissue.

Of course, Chinese massage can be an excellent treatment for a variety of common ailments. These include:

  • back pain and sciatica

  • cardiovascular health

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • poor respiration and circulation

Do not opt for Chinese massage if you are simply looking to be pampered.

There are other ways to simply relax. Chinese massage is a lengthy process, a form of deep tissue therapy, and you will be sorely disappointed if you go with the wrong expectations.

Chinese massage is an excellent treatment, that is both cost-effective and healing.

It can be used as a one time solution, or as a long-term treatment to keep yourself balanced and healthy.